Pre-hiring tests

Do you want to evaluate a skill among the candidates aspiring to a vacant position in your organization? We have the solution for you. Develop the test and we will install it on the platform. Your candidates can take the test during the interview process and you will obtain immediate results.

Employee training

Train your employees in any topic in a faster, effective and flexible manner. We will install your courses for you to comply with your organization's required training program in a uniform and standardized way.

Completed training monitoring

Statistical reports provide you with access to information about who has completed the training modules and when. The report summarizes information for each employee and their status in the training process.

Registration in classroom style training

The Employee Attendance Tracking Tool (EATT) allows you to digitally capture attendance classroom style educational sessions. You will have the attendance lists and tabulated evaluations electronically. This tool eliminates the need for collecting attendance signatures and data entry.

Automatic invitations to new training modules

The electronic notification system allows you to notify employees of new training assigned.

Automatic reminders of pending training

Each employee will receive electronic reminders of training to be completed at the frequency selected by the employer.

Training with pre-requisites

When required, your employees can take your training in a pre-determined order. Access is restricted to follow-up training until the pre-requisite is completed.

Training by department, position, or function

Your training can be grouped so that only a subset of your employees is required to take them. The grouping can be done according to departments, position, title or function.

Scheduled or instant reports

Compliance reports are provided instantaneously in real-time or scheduled, as per your request.

Supervisor reports

Special reports are available upon management request.


Web based courses for your members

Provide your membership with continuing education or professional development courses through the Internet with courses available 24/7 to be taken from any mobile device or computer.

Simple payment methods

Extremely simple payment method that only requires information on your credit card. Does not require time consuming entry of name, address, email, telephone, etc.

Permanent storage of information/records

The organization’s information regarding users, courses, and registrations will permanently remain in our database system safely guarded through an encrypted system. This allows members to reprint certificates and review courses taken at any moment.

Customer support system

Users can ask questions to the course author at any moment through the platform. Users can also request support electronically.

User identity confirmation using artificial intelligence

When required by the organization, users may submit valid photo id at the moment of registering in a course. Courses that require confirmation of identity, will take pictures of the participant to compare them with the valid photo id submitted when registered.

Course grouping

Courses can be organized by profession, topic, or any other category.

Email campaigns

We will send e-blasts to members promoting existing and new courses.

Course installation

All organization’s continuing education courses, in any format, are installed in the platform by our personnel. Your organization will not require a platform administrator.

Solutions for both: Employers and Organizations


We offer you the opportunity to gather your employees, customers or members opinions through satisfaction surveys. All results are instant and tabulated electronically for your benefit.

Comprehension tests

To determine how well the training material was understood, each course has a test where you decide the passing grade or percentage.

Course evaluation

Each participant must complete a course evaluation in order to receive a compliance or participation certificate. Course evaluations are electronically tabulated at the moment the course is finished.

Course content in any format

Your training module can be installed in any format you provide. Eduxys is a platform capable of using text, audio, video or combination thereof. Training modules can be taken from any mobile device with Internet connection, such as smartphones or tablets.

Customized certificates

Completion certificates are customized according to each organization’s requirements. Certificates include course information, approval codes, participant’s name, among other information. All certificates have a unique serial number that can be used for verification of authenticity.

Eduxys does all the work for you

You will not need a platform administrator with Eduxys. Eduxys allows you to maximize your resources because we administer the platform for you. Focus on developing your training modules and we will do the rest of the work.

Recording of classroom style training

Your classroom style training can be recorded and later installed on the platform so that they can be offered on-demand.

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