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All content in www.eduxys.com, its sub-domains and all corresponding rights of intellectual property, including copyrights, commercial branding, service branding, commercial names or images, are property of Eduxys LLC and/or the authors collaborating in the preparation of courses, or courses distribution programs. Services and content in www.eduxys.com and its sub-domains are offered to user only for personal and not commercial use. User agrees not to copy, duplicate, reproduce, publish, transmit, modify, distribute, sell, nor exploit for commercial purposes, any portion of the content of any pages available through www.eduxys.com and its sub-domains. All content and material available in www.eduxys.com and its sub-domains may be protected by state or federal laws that protect the intellectual property of Eduxys LLC, authors that prepare courses or programs for distribution of courses. User agrees to respect copyright notices, information or restrictions that appear in the content accessed through www.eduxys.com and its sub-domains. User agrees not to violate Eduxys LLC or any provider’s copyright. Users will not attempt to alter or manipulate any copyright notices or any other means related, belonging or suggested to a copyright of www.eduxys.com and its sub-domains. Users are not allowed to alter, damage, or manipulate precautions taken or implemented by Eduxys LLC with the purpose of preventing inappropriate use of its content. Users relieves and agrees to indemnify Eduxys LLC, its affiliates, directors, officials, employees, agents and/or representatives for and against all liability, damage, loss, fine or penalty (including lawyer’s reasonable honoraries) that emerge from any violation of copyright committed by the user.

Discharge of Liability

All content and information available in www.eduxys.com and its sub-domains is provided 'as is' and with no guarantees of any type, expressed or implicit. Eduxys LLC neglects all guarantees expressed or implicit with respect to the information and the content material in www.eduxys.com and its subdomains, including without limitations, the implicit guarantees of commercialization, suitability for a particular purpose and no infringement.

Limited Liability

Under no circumstances, Eduxys LLC, its members, employees, affiliates, or collaborators, will be held responsible for any loss or injury, or any direct damage, special, indirect, punitive, incidental, exemplary, consequential or any other manner, either by contract, non-compliance, aggravation (including negligence), responsibility for incorrect information, or any other way, as results of access or use of www.eduxys.com. You hereby renounce any of or all claims against Eduxys LLC, its members, affiliates, and contributors. You voluntarily accept that the limitations established previously are fundamental elements of this agreement, and that all page content at www.eduxys.com and its sub-domains will not be offered to you in absence of the limitations described here. Some State laws may restrict this limitation of liability.

Privacy policy

Eduxys LLC takes privacy very seriously and to that extent takes all necessary precautions to protect your personal information and prevent its improper use. Eduxys LLC will not sell or distribute your personal information to anyone without your express prior consent.

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