About Us

We are company dedicated to the development and implementation of online training systems for employees from organizations, corporations or public and private entities.

We are a technological platform that offers the advantage to train your employees quickly, securely and conveniently while they can maximize the time spent on daily tasks.

We are a group of professionals who work with the development of innovation and education in order to maximize the financial resources and the time of production of our customers.

In Eduxys.com we have designed a technology platform for Internet training for groups. The platform can be used in personal computers, tablets and smartphones.

We manage users' information, training and compliance reports electronically.

In addition, we provide a great security system that protects the integrity of the information of individuals and entities in its database. Our simple and intuitive interface allows the user to start training with a single click, once the user is registered with the unique identifier of your organization.

Among the services included are: measuring time when the user connects and concludes the training; sending notifications about due dates to users and administrator of the account; intermittent access capability of the training; quarterly electronic reports on users, among others.

Eduxys.com can adapt your training requirements, policies and procedures into its system. In other words, we ensure total training control and compliance required for each employee.

We are an online platform associated to Eduxys LLC, a company dedicated to solutions for Internet training for individuals, groups and entities.

To chat with us contact: info@eduxys.com leave your name, phone number and interest and we will respond within 48 hours.

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