Frequently asked questions

1) What is a cloud learning system?

A cloud-based learning system is available to users through an Internet web page. Eduxys centralizes training in just one place but making them accessible through any device connected to Internet.

Our system is not a software, and it does not require to be “installed” in your computer.

Eduxys is accessible through any computer, tablet or smart phone connected to Internet and provides you unlimited space to securely save your training modules, policies and procedures.

2) What advantages does an Internet based learning system provide?

There are many advantages that provides to our clients while at the same time creating a culture of excellence. Our system is a knowledge and information repository whose purpose is to promote individual development through an effective and agile individual contribution to corporate goals.

Some of the advantages for clients are:

  • We offer a centralized system for your training modules at a competitive price.
  • Fast, convenient and remote access with no users quantity limitation.
  • Flexible access to training modules any time, even after completion (only for reviewing purposes).
  • Simplification of users learning process through the simplest interface.
  • We do the platform administrator role for your personnel, freeing their time for other tasks such as training development.
  • Consistency is offered in training deployment and distribution.
  • Clients are provided with electronic reports of statistical compliance percentages, tests and course evaluation along with electronic reminders and monitoring.
  • We eliminate the process of training coordination and the related expenses.

3) Who develops the available training modules in Eduxys?

There are two ways for creating training modules and make them available through the our platform. The client can create their own and personalized training module, including test and evaluation and Eduxys will install them. In this mode, the client provides the content to Eduxys and this will be the training content available for that organization users. The clients, as the owner of the content, can update, or withdraw the training at any moment. The content installation process by Eduxys is done with security in mind and complying with any confidentiality terms established by the client.

The second option is content developed by a subject matter expert who has a contractual agreement with Eduxys for such purposes. This content is created by the subject matter expert who develops an instructional design to comply with learning objectives. Our resources remain as intellectual proprietors of their content. Eduxys will contract these resources only for purposes of developing specific content available for our clients.

4) What is the training format used by Eduxys?

Any training prepared in formats such as: PowerPoint, PDF, audio (mp3) or video (mp4) are compatible with our system.

5) How safe is clients' data in Eduxys?

Our database has four levels of security.

  1. Only persons you authorize (employees, members or customers) can register in your page and take your courses.
  2. Each user will have a unique password that is encrypted in our database.
  3. Eduxys does not allow access to any one that is not properly registered and authorized.
  4. All communication within user's device and Eduxys will be encrypted using SSL format(https://).

6) How do you make sure what you get in Eduxys is cost effective?

One of the most competitive advantages of Eduxys is its price. Not being a software allows us not to charge for maintenance or updates expenses. There is not service charge either. System updates, service charge expenses are already included in our competitive price.

Our price is a fixed one per educational session. An educational session is a one hour training for one user. The final price will depend on clients' needs regarding their own training vs our training, which will require a premium charge for the content.

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